Thunderbird backup, Firefox backup
MozBackup is not being developed anymore. There are known issues and there is no time on my side to fix all issues and develop new features. Use MozBackup only on your risk. Thanks for understanding. Source code is available on GitHub.

How to backup via command line

Starting with MozBackup 1.4.8 Alpha you can backup your Mozilla profile via command line. This means that you can schedule your backups via Windows Task Scheduler.

All what you need is to create config file and run MozBackup with this config file like command line parameter. In program directory you can find example file Default.mozprofile. This file has INI format where you can specify action which you want to do, program, profile, output file and password if you want to protect your backups.

Config file starts with line [General] and next there are few lines where you can specify parameters.

Parameter Description
action Action which you want to do. At this moment you can specify only value backup.
application Application which data you want to backup. You must specify short application name. This means that available values are: Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock, Sunbird, Messenger, Netscape or Spicebird.
profile Name of profile which you want to backup. For most people it's Default but run Profile Manager and have a look.
output Path to directory with filename where you want to store your backups. In path you can specify some contants like date, profile name etc. See file backup.ini for complete description and hint how to use these constants.
password This preference is optional. If you don't want to protect your backup just leave this line empty.



Run MozBackup with config file:

mozbackup.exe Default.mozprofile (or other config file)

If something wrong:

If MozBackup doesn't work like expected have a look into file error.log which you can find in MozBackup profile directory. This directory is on the same location like Firefox profiles (AppData directory) but have a look at directory MozBackup.